FXGT – Forex Broker Review in 2020

FXGT website

Pros, Cons, and Conclusion of Review – FXGT

Pros of FXGT

  • Only one philosophy as “Forex Crypto Hybrid broker”
  • Extremely good condition to trade cryptocurrency among forex brokers
  • High leverage to trade cryptocurrency
  • Tradable even Saturday and Sunday
  • Cryptocurrency can be used account currency and deposit / withdrawal method
  • Deposit bonus
  • 24/7 client support

Cons of FXGT

  • Just established in 2019
  • Accept only MT5, not accept MT4

Conclusion of FXGT

FXGT has just established in 2019, so they cannot show history-based reliability.
But their only one philosophy as “Forex Crypto Hybrid broker” is quite smart and interesting. Actually about crypto-currency related matter, FXGT has many strong points such as trading instruments, maximum leverage, account currency, deposit and withdrawal method.
We strongly recommend FXGT for traders who has keen interest to trade crypto-currency, not only forex. In addition, their deposit bonus is also very attractive.
We will watch closely growth of this broker.

Company profile and license

FXGT is operated by 360 Degrees Markets Ltd.
360 Degrees Markets Ltd is a registered company in Seychelles, with Registration Number 8421720-1 and has its registered address at Suite C, Oion Mall , Palm Street, Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles.
360 Degrees Markets Ltd is regulated by The Seychelles Financial Services Authority under the Securities Dealer’s License Number SD019.

FXGT does not obtain other strict license such as “Tier1 (FCA in UK, and CySEC in Cyprus)” or “Tier2 (ASIC in Australia)”.
FSA license can be a factor of reliability. But FXGT has just established in 2019. They will obtain higher reliability as they continue operation.

Trading Condition

Account Type

FXGT offers single account type as follows.

Feature Description
Trading Platforms Metatrader 5 Desktop / Web Trader / IOS / Android
Margin Requirements/Leverage Up to 1:500
Negative Balance Protection Yes
Asset Classes Forex, Cryptocurrencies, Metals, Energies, Equity Indices, Stocks
Maximum deposit No
Minimum deposit USD 10 / EUR 10 / JPY 1000 / BTC 0.0001 / XRP 0.0001 / ETH 0.00105 / USTD 5
Commission No
Order execution Market
Spread From 0.00014
Margin Call 80%
Stop Out 50%
Swap-free Account Yes
Minimum Volume per Trade 0.01 Lots
Maximum Volume per Trade 50 Lots
Maximum Number of Orders 100
Maximum Number of Pending Orders 100
Limit & Stop Levels Yes
Promotions Yes
As a newcomer broker as “Forex Crypto Hybrid broker”, FXGT offers really special features, which is not same as other brokers. They offer variety of cryptocurrencies as trading instrument and account currency, and deposit and withdrawal method. Also, they offer only MT5 as trading platform, not MT4.

Trading Instruments

Forex: 48 currency pairs


Crypto Currency: 13 items


Precious Metals and Energies: 5items

Equity Indices: 8items
US30, US100, US500, JP225, GER30, UK100, FRA40, AUD200

Stock: 53 items

Trading platform

FXGT offers Metatrader 5 (MT5) platform on various devices that supports manual and automated trading with the use of Expert Advisors (EA).

FXGT provides the following:
– MT5 Desktop for Windows and Mac.
– MT5 Webtrader
– MT5 Android

FXGT offers only MT5, not MT4. They are focusing in only newest platform as brand-new broker.


FXGT allow maximum leverage 1:500 as follows.

Forex Margin Requirements/Leverage

Tiers Volume (USD) Leverage Margin %
Tier 1 0 – 500,000 1:500 0.20%
Tier 2 500,000 – 1,000,000 1:200 0.50%
Tier 3 1,000,000 – 2,000,000 1:100 1%
Tier 4 2,000,000 – 3,000,000 1:50 2%
Tier 5  3,000,000 1:20 5%

Crypto Margin Requirements/Leverage

Tiers Volume (USD) Leverage Margin %
Tier 1 0 – 10,000 1:500 0.20%
Tier 2 10,000 – 50,000 1:200 0.50%
Tier 3 50,000 – 100,000 1:100 1%
Tier 4 100,000 – 200,000 1:50 2%
Tier 5  200,000 1:20 5%
In case of forex, leverage “1:500” is not rare among other brokers.
But as for Crypto-currency, Leverage “1:500” is only FXGT can offer this. This is one of strong points of FXGT to compare with other brokers.

Margin call and Stop out level

Margin call revel is 80% and Stop out level on all account is 50%.

The stop out level “50%” is relatively high to compare with other brokers.

Spread and Swap

FXGT discloses spread and swap of all trading instrument on the official website.
Below is summary of spread and swap of major currency pairs.

Instrument Spread as low as Average spread Swap Buy Swap Sell Min/Max Lot size
AUDUSD 0.00016 0.00018 -4.95 0.15 0.01/50
EURCHF 0.00021 0.00025 -4.31 -6.75 0.01/50
EURGBP 0.00017 0.00019 -6.23 0.29 0.01/50
EURUSD 0.00014 0.00016 -9.03 0.72 0.01/50
GBPUSD 0.00019 0.00022 -7.98 0.48 0.01/50
NZDUSD 0.00025 0.00027 -3.25 -0.65 0.01/50
USDCAD 0.0002 0.00023 -1.68 -6.54 0.01/50
USDCHF 0.0002 0.00022 4.23 -12.01 0.01/50
USDJPY 0.014 0.016 1.65 -8.78 0.01/50

Execution speed

On FXGT official website, they disclose as follows.

FXGT’s average speed of execution is 200 milliseconds from the moment customer order reaches FXGT trading server. However, customers might experience additional delays over which FXGT has no control, since customer trading terminal/platform executes orders from a place that is far away from FXGT trading server. If speed of execution is very important for customers trading strategy, FXGT advises customer to use a VPS (virtual private server) that is located in London (UK).

Deposit and withdrawal methods

FXGT allows deposit methods as follows.

Description Currency Fees Min Deposit
Master Card EUR, USD, JPY No Fees 50 USD
JCB Card EUR, USD, JPY No Fees 10 USD
Bitcoin BTC No Fees 0.0001
Ethereum ETH No Fees 0.0011
Tether USDT (OMNI) No Fees 5
Ripple XRP No Fees 0.0001
Bitwallet EUR, USD, JPY No Fees 10 USD
STICPAY EUR, USD, JPY No Fees No Minimum
Bank Wire EUR, USD, JPY Depends on Amount 100 USD

FXGT allows withdrawal methods as follows.

Description Currency Fees Min Withdrawal
Master Card EUR, USD, JPY No Fees 50 USD
JCB Card EUR, USD, JPY No Fees 10 USD
Bitcoin BTC No Fees 0.0001
Ethereum ETH No Fees 0.00105
Tether USDT (OMNI) No Fees 5
Ripple XRP No Fees 0.0001
Bitwallet EUR, USD, JPY No Fees 10 USD
STICPAY EUR, USD, JPY No Fees No Minimum
Bank Wire EUR, USD, JPY Depends on Amount 100 USD

Brokerage Model

FXGT are an STP (Straight through processing), or an NDD (No dealing desk) broker providing Market Execution. Customers’ orders are automatically routed and executed to our liquidity providers at the best available bid/ask prices.

Scalping is possible or not

FXGT allows scalping on their official website.

Bonus Promotion

FXGT offers bonus promotions as follows.

100% Credit 20% Credit
Timing First Time Deposit Bonus Any Time Deposit Bonus
Duration Limited Time Offer Limited Time Offer
Description Available to Clients only for First Deposit Amount Transfer IN to MT5 Available to Clients for Any Deposit Amount Transfer IN to MT5
Maximum Bonus USD 700 | EUR 700 | JPY 70,000 | BTC 0.08 | XRP 3,000 | ETH 3 | UST 700 USD 4,000 | EUR 4,000 | JPY 450,000 | BTC 0.5 | XRP 17,000 | ETH 18 | UST 4,000

Bonuses cannot be withdrawn.
Registration Bonus credits expire after 30 days, if unused.
Bonus amounts in currencies other than USD are subject to currency fluctuations.
Profits coming from the bonus can be withdrawn when they are over 300 USD equivalent.

Security of Clients’ Funds

FXGT discloses policies to ensure security of customers fund as follows as their primary concern.

Negative Balance Protection

Through FXGT’s advanced monitoring and risk management tools FXGT monitor clients’ balance in real-time, aiming to protect it against losses higher than the initial investment, automatically correcting any negative balance.

Tier 1 Banking

FXGT is constantly working on establishing Tier 1 Bank partnerships to ensure clients’ funds are deposited in credit worth and high rating financial institutions. Such partnerships help our business operations to the highest achievable standards.

Segregation of Funds

Clients’ funds are kept off-balance sheet, being segregated from the FXGT’s own funds. Client Investments cannot be used by FXGT to cover any ongoing expenses or to pay back creditors in the unlikely event of default of FXGT, 100% available for clients always which ultimately protect FXGT clients’ interest.

Regulatory Supervision

As per our regulatory requirements, FXGT are obliged to meet strict capital ratios and to ensure that clients’ funds remain intact. In addition, FXGT must have enough capital to tackle any type of risk that may arise. FXGT reports to the regulator on a quarterly basis and a detailed audit report is submitted once a year by a reputable independent auditor.

Liability Insurance

FXGT has implemented a Liability Insurance in order to safeguard our clients for up to 1,000,000 EUR. The Insurance includes market leading coverage to secure its liabilities against customers, and other third parties against errors, omissions, negligence, fraud and other risks that may result in financial loss. Our customers do not pay any extra expense for this benefit.

Risk Management

FXGT’s experienced risk management team has designed and implemented various policies and procedures setting certain thresholds for various types of risks linked with clients’ funds in order to allocate them properly in various financial institutions that are constantly monitored. Those policies and procedures allow us to effectively identify and limit concertation risk.

To compare with other brokers, FXGT disclosure of their policy to secure customers’ funds are very clear, transparent, and easy to understand.

Other Points

Customer Support

Customers can contact FXGT 24/7 through the following means:

1. Email support team at support@fxgt.com
2. Live Chat located in customers’ secure area (Clients’ Portal) and our Website.
3. In case existing customer, they can open a ticket through secure area (Clients’ Portal) directly connected with FXGT Support team.