Powerful Tips of TradingView: “Visibility of Drawing”


I think that one of the points that TradingView is easier to use than MT4 is that we can freely draw trend lines etc. without stress. In this article, I would like to introduce how to clean “fragments” of the trend line as one of powerful tips of TradingView.

Do you see a “fragment” on the longer time-frame chart?

For example, in short time-frame chart (5 minute, 15 minute, 1 hour, etc.) of TradingView, you can draw various trend lines on the chart and indicators as follows.

H1 Chart

Now, if you switch to a longer time-frame chart, for example you open daily chart, it looks like chart below.

Please pay attention to the part circled in red. On the daily chart, the various lines drawn on the hourly chart above look like “fragments” or “garbage,” which looks very strange.

Daily chart

Those fragments might have no effect to trading performance, but it should be cleaned up!!

How to clean “fragments” of the trend line of TradingView

In TradingView, there is a way to make this “fragment” of the trend line beautiful by making it invisible in unnecessary situations.

For example, when you draw a trend line for 1 hour and double-click on the trend line, the following dialog for changing the attributes of the trend line will appear. In the tab “Visibility“, you can set the time-fame for showing this drawing.

My recommendation is to display the drawing only on chart that are shorter time-frame than that, including the time-frame. For example, the drawing drawn on the 1-hour chart is shown only on the 1-hour bar and shorter time bars (30-minute chart, 15-minute chart, 5-minute chart, and 1-minute chart), while that is not shown on 4 hours bar or more longer time-frame.

By saving this visibility setting as a template, you do not have to set it each time you draw. You can save it as a template as shown below by clicking the pull-down menu at the bottom left corner of the dialog for changing the attributes of the trend line introduced above and selecting “Save As”. Multiple templates can be set.

Note that this drawing template can be used not only when classifying visibility, but also when you want to use different types of frequently drawn lines, such as when there are multiple types and colors and thicknesses.
It will be very convenient. Please try it!