Recommended VPS “TradingFXVPS”


In order to operate EA (Expert Advisor) that automatically buys and sells on MT4 (or MT5), it is necessary to keep MT4 (or MT5) running at all times. It’s unrealistic to run a individual PC for 24 hours a day, and it’s also unrealistic for most people to set up a server at home.
Therefore, the best choice for EA operation must be to use “VPS (Virtual Private Server)”. VPS is an abbreviation for Virtual Private Server, which means to rent your own server for automatic forex trading on the Internet.

What is “Latency”?

The most important factor in choosing a VPS vendor is “Latency”. Latency is the time from when an order is placed from MT4 (or MT5) to the server of the Forex broker until the contract is executed and the contract response is returned to MT4. For example, if the Forex broker’s server is in New York and you place an order from MT4 of your home PC in Japan, the data will flow over a very long distance of “Japan >> New York >>Japan”, and the latency will be several millisecond (1/1000 of a second) takes a very long time, which is very disadvantageous for scalping trade.

If you install MT4 on a VPS that has a server in a data center in New York and place an order with an Forex broker that also has a server in New York, the order and response will be completed only within the high-speed line of the data center in New York. With good latency of a few milliseconds to a few tens of milliseconds, you have a great advantage to make a profitable trade.

The location of the Forex broker’s server is different one by one. (New York, London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, etc.) Therefore, it is important that the location of the server of the Forex broker which you have a contract with is close to the location of the server of the VPS.

Recommended VPS “TradingFXVPS”

When choosing a VPS, you should choose VPS vendor with better latency and better cost performance. My recommendation is a VPS vendor called “TradingFXVPS“. I’ve been using it for about 3 years, and I haven’t had any problems, so I’m using it comfortably.

What is TradingFXVPS

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Evaluation of TradingFXVPS by FOREX ARMY

The evaluation of TradingFXVPS by the well-known FX-related review site “FOREX ARMY” is as follows. There is no particular problem. Review

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Service plan of TradingFXVPS

The contents of the TradingFX VPS plan are as follows.

I’m using “ADVANCED VPS” plan with a monthly payment of $ 45 a month (2 cores, 4GB RAM, 40GB SSD, Windows2012R2). Payment can be made by credit card via Paypal.
There is no additional charge such as the initial setup fee. You can choose the server location from New York (Equinix NY4), London (Equinix LD4), Amsterdam (Equinix AMS1), and Frankfurt (Equinix FR).

With 4GB of memory, you can choose the location of your server from major data centers, and 45 USD / month (no initial charge), I think it’s a great balance between high-speed latency and good cost performance.
If you have a total of 5 to 10 MT4 applications, 4GB of memory is appropriate (2GB of memory is too tight). More important than the number of CPU cores and SSD capacity is the size of the memory and the location of the server.

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Comparison with other VPS vendors

Below is a comparison table of TradingView plans and competing VPS vendor plans.

Search for latency by Forex broker

You can search for Forex brokers to see the latency status. TradingFXVPS covers all the major Forex brokers, so please search for the Forex broker you are using to see which server has what latency. (Latencies fluctuate, but you can clearly choose a server in a faster location.)

Below is an example of XM server. You can see that the London server is the most advantageous.

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