Forex Broker Review

Land-FX – Forex Broker Review in 2020

Land-FX has been in operation since 2013. Based on narrow spread and fast execution and bonus promotion, they are expanding their business. Land-FX can be recommended for scalping trader mainly, because of narrow spread and fast execution and enough leverage size. But large size of bonus promotion must be attractive for every trader.
Forex Broker Review

Titan FX – Forex Broker Review in 2020

Titan FX has been operating business for 6 years, and expanding share with fast execution, low spread, and high leverage based on technical infrastructure, zero-point technology and Equinix financial hubs. They focus on clients' trading condition, without promotions. Their technology-oriented strategy is quite clear and smart. We will recommend Titan FX for scalping traders and automatic EA traders.
Forex Broker Review

AXIORY – Forex Broker Review in 2020

AXIORY has been provided service from 2013 and already obtained high reputation, mainly with fast execution, narrow spread, and transparency, based on strategically located global infrastructure including Equinix data centers. we recommend AXIORY as one of best choice for scalping traders and automatic EA traders who seek ultra-narrow spread and fast execution.
Forex Broker Review

Exness – Forex Broker Review in 2020

Exness is operating in 12 years, already become huge broker, obtained reputation and reliability with strict Tier1 licenses and transparent disclosure. Without promotions, their strategy to focus on trading condition is excellent including wide instruments, unlimited leverage for small volume, minimum deposit $1, stop out 0% etc. We recommend Exness to any types of traders from newbie to experienced traders.
Forex Broker Review

HotForex – Forex Broker Review in 2020

HotForex is one of leading huge brokers, operating since 2010, got global reputation and reliability with Tier1 licenses, over 1.5 million live accounts, over 35 industry awards, more than 27 languages. Wide range of account types and trading instruments including crypto-currency, high leverage, full security of clients' funds, and many promotions. We recommend HotForex to any types of traders.
Forex Broker Review

XM – Forex Broker Review in 2020

XM is in operating for 10 years, already established global reputation as one of top-level brokers with 3.5 Million Clients in 196 countries with Tier1 licenses. Well-balanced service of fast execution ("Execution is everything" policy), high-leverage (maximum 1:888), account opening bonus, deposit bonus, and security measures of customers' fund. We recommend XM to wide range of traders.
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