Which forex broker provides the most transparent disclosure?


In case a forex broker provides high level of disclosure, we can highly evaluate the broker as transparent.

The disclosure information shows the brokers’ honest policy and their confidence. Through our review of many reliable brokers, we will pick up one big broker, Exness, which has the best disclosure rules as follows.

Transparent Disclosure of Exness

Financial Information

On the official website, Exness provides their financial information as follows. Through our review of forex brokers, we evaluate that Exness discloses the most detailed information on website.

1.Trading volume

2. Number of active clients

3. Client withdrawal amount

4. Partner rewords amount

By the pandemic of corona virus, especially in March 2020, many people must stay in their home globally. That might be one of reason why trading volume was extremely high in Exness. Also, we can see the number of active clients is constantly increasing in Exness.

5. Auditors’ Report
Also, Exness uploads their auditors report (Trading volumes and Funds amount) on the website as follows. Their auditor is Deloitte, one of biggest global audit firm called “Big4”.

Tick Data

In addition, Exness provides “Tick History” on the website. Tick history provides clients with information on the tick movements (Bid and Ask price) of currency pairs and other financial instruments over various time periods.


On official website, Exness mentions their philosophy as “Honesty and transparency are two of the company’s key governing principles.
Our conclusion is as follows.

Question: Which forex broker provides the most transparent disclosure?
Answer: Best forex broker provides the most transparent disclosure is “Exness”
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