Which forex broker is best for trading VIX index?


VIX “Volatile Index, or CBOE Volatile Index” is real-time market index which represents the market’s expectations for volatility of S&P 500 over the coming 30 days. VIX Index can be used to measure revel of risk, fear, and stress in the market. Generally, the higher the VIX figure, the more feared and anxious investors are about the future.
Traders can also trade CFD of VIX index.

VIX long term chart from 2008 to 2020

  1. Bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers
  2. European debt crisis
  3. S&P downgraded US bonds
  4. China shock
  5. VIX shock
  6. COVID19 pandemic

Conditions of trading CFD of VIX in HotForex

Most of forex brokers do not offer CFD of VIX.
Through of our review of reliable forex brokers, we pick up one big broker, HotForex. HotForex offers CFD of VIX as one of trading instruments.

Condition of trading CFD of VIX index in HotForex are as follows.

Symbol VIX.F
Description Volatility Index SP 500
Typical Spread 0.15
Leverage (up to) 1:10
Swap Long 0
Swap Short -1.19
Trading Hours Monday open 1:00, Friday close 23:59:59


Question: Which forex broker is best for trading VIX index?
Answer: Best forex broker for trading VIX index is “HotForex”

In case you are interested in trading of VIX, please open account to follow below.

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