Which forex broker is the best for trading Gold?


In this article, we will introduce which forex broker is the best for trading Gold.

Normally, Gold of CFD which is denominated by USD is called “XAUUSD”. In case price of XAUUSD is 1,930, gold price is 1,930USD per 1 Troy Ounce (toz). (1 toz is equal to 31.1034768 gram.)

In case trading Gold in forex brokers, “1 lot” is equal to 100 troy ounces.

Let us show you a sample of margin calculation.

Trader buy 1 lots of XAUUSD at 1,930.00
1 Lot size = 100 toz
Margin requirement: 0.5% (1:200)

Notional value is: 1 lot * 100 toz * 1,930.00 USD = 193,000 USD
Margin required is: 193,000 USD * 0.005 = 965.00 USD

In case of trading Gold, please be careful the price fluctuation risk, because of two reasons below.

1. Notional amount per lot is bigger than forex.
   1 lot of XAUUSD is around 193,000USD  (on 2020-Aug-24)
   1 lot of EURUSD is around 118,000 USD  (on 2020-Aug-24)

2.Gold market is relatively volatile rather than forex market

Through our review of reliable forex brokers, we summarized trading condition of Gold as follows.


Average Spread (pips) Leverage Swap – long Swap -short
XM 3.5 1:888 -10.32 -5.59
HotForex 1.9 1:200 (*) -1.08 -6
Exness 3 (Standard) 1:2000 -8.4 0.07
AXIORY 3 (Standard)
1 (Nano)
1:400 (Standard) -7.57 -11.37
Land-FX 2.0 ~ 3.5 1:200 (*) -1.95 -1.65
Titan FX 2.23 (Standard)
2.11 (Blade)

(*) In case of HotForex and Land-FX, the leverage for gold is lower than one of forex.


From viewpoint of maximum leverage and swap value, we conclude that Exness offers the best condition for trading Gold.
Especially Exness offers 1:2000 as maximum leverage. This must be great benefit of Gold traders, especially beginner traders.

As we mentioned above, notional amount of XAUUSD per lot is bigger than forex, and gold market is relatively volatile rather than forex market. Therefore, we strongly recommend starting trade of Gold by small lot.

In case you want to open account in Exness, please follow button below.

Also, please refer to our review of Exness as follows.