Which forex broker offers the most valuable loyalty program?


Loyalty program is one of forex brokers’ promotion tools. Clients get financial benefit, but more importantly clients will keep the account for longer period in the broker by increased loyalty. It is also great benefit for brokers.

Very few brokers adopt loyalty program. Through our review of forex brokers, we will pick up two loyalty programs of major two brokers.


Loyalty program of XM

XM offers unique loyalty program as follows.

Clients get “XMP” (=XM points) for each trade. There 4 loyalty statuses called “Executive”, “Gold”, “Diamond”, and “Elite”.
Clients status will be upgraded automatically after periods of trading activity.as follows.

  • Executive: 7XMP per lot
  • Gold: 10XMP per lot (+30 Days)
  • Diamond: 13XMP per lot (+60 Days)
  • Elite: 16XMP per lot (+100 Days)

The amount of XMP per lot traded increases proportionately. This allows clients to earn XMP at a faster rate. The more XMP clients have, the more clients are able to redeem for credit bonus rewards.

Bonus = XMP / 3
(For example, XMP 3,000 points is equal to 1,000 USD.)

This means that XM’s clients can decrease actual spreads by this royalty program.

Royalty program of HotForex

HotForex also offers unique loyalty program as follows.

Clients can earn “HotForex Bars” according to the volume of transactions. There are 4 different reward levels as follows. The more active trading days clients accumulate, the more HotForex Bars clients will earn for each round-turn lot.

  • HotForex RED: qualify by registering for HotForex Trading Rewards. Earn 6 HotForex Bars per lot
  • HotForex SILVER: Qualify after accumulated 31 Active Trading Days. Earn 8 HotForex Bars per lot
  • HotForex GOLD: Qualify after accumulated 62 Active Trading Days. Earn 10 HotForex Bars per lot
  • HotForex PLATINUM: Qualify after accumulated 105 Active Trading Days. Earn 12 HotForex Bars per lot

Hot to use Forex Bar

  • 1 USD for 35 HotForex Bars.(Minimum 1000 HotForex bars)
  • AutoChartist subscription for 1 month at 150 HotForex bars
  • 1 month access to Silver VPS with 1100 HotForex bars
  • One hour private session with HotForex market analysts at 2500 HotForex Bars
  • 3 months access to Silver VPS with 3100 HotForex Bars

In this program, most of client might use 35 Bars to exchange for 1 USD. This means that HotForex’s clients can decrease actual spreads by this royalty program.


At highest status,
XM offers 16XMP per lot (16XMP is equals to 5.3 USD), and
HotForex offers 12 HFBars per lot (12HFBars iis equals to 0.34 USD).
Although HotForex offers variety of rewards not only cash, “cash conversion rate” of XM is higher.

Question: Which forex broker offers the most valuable royalty program?
Answer: Forex broker which offers the most valuable royalty program is XM

If you focus on valuable loyalty program, We recommend XM. But HotForex is also one of huge and reliable brokers, already established global reputation.

In detail, please refer to our review page of XM and HotForex below.

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