Which forex broker offers the most valuable bonus?


Many forex brokers offer bonus as one of marketing promotion.
Bonus promotion can be strong advantage for traders, since the bonus will actually increase margin amount.
There are several types of bonus. Major two categories of bonus are “Account Opening Bonus” and “Deposit Bonus”.
Through our review of reliable brokers, we picked up several brokers who offer bonus as follows.



Land-FX offers bonus as follows.

10% Deposit Bonus on First deposit up to $3,000

Upon the request of clients, Land-FX offers 10% bonus on the first deposits
10% bonus applies equivalently to first deposit amount above $300

Deposit Deposit Bonus Round Turn Condition
$300 $30 6 Lots
$500 $50 10 Lots
$1,000 $100 20 Lots
$2,500 $250 50 Lots
$5,000 $500 100 Lots
$10,000 $1,000 200 Lots
$25,000 $2,500 500 Lots
$30,000 $3,000 600 Lots

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FXGT offers bonus promotions as follows.

100% Credit 20% Credit
Timing First Time Deposit Bonus Any Time Deposit Bonus
Duration Limited Time Offer Limited Time Offer
Description Available to Clients only for First Deposit Amount Transfer IN to MT5 Available to Clients for Any Deposit Amount Transfer IN to MT5
Maximum Bonus USD 700 | EUR 700 | JPY 70,000 | BTC 0.08 | XRP 3,000 | ETH 3 | UST 700 USD 4,000 | EUR 4,000 | JPY 450,000 | BTC 0.5 | XRP 17,000 | ETH 18 | UST 4,000

Bonuses cannot be withdrawn.
Registration Bonus credits expire after 30 days, if unused.
Bonus amounts in currencies other than USD are subject to currency fluctuations.
Profits coming from the bonus can be withdrawn when they are over 300 USD equivalent.

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HotForex offers bonu promotions as follows.

HF Rebates

  • Daily CASH rebates direct to client’s account
  • All qualifying positions of 0.1 lots or more
  • Generated for Forex and Gold trades
  • Maximum cumulative rebates USD 8,000
  • Automatically triggered and calculated
  • Cash available for trading or withdrawal

30%Rescue Bonus

  • Increases account leverage
  • Applies to deposits over USD 50
  • Additional ‘Stop Out Bonus’ for qualifying accounts
  • Maximum cumulative bonus USD 7,000
  • Protects from period of drawdown
  • Can be lost, but not withdrawn

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XM offers bonus as follows.

Trading bonus (Account Opening Bonus)

XM provides bonus of 30USD (Equivalent to: 25 EUR, 20 GBP, 25 CHF, 3000 JPY, 30 AUD, 1000 RUB, 100 PLN, 7000 HUF, 40 SGD, 347 ZAR, 1000 THB) as an account opening bonus.

This 30USD can be used for trading as margin. The only requirement is to open an account with XM (In other words, there is no requirement of deposit for this bonus.)
This trading bonus can be used as margin. That means customer can start forex trading without depositing money and without financial risk. The bonus cannot be withdrawn, but profit can be withdrawn.

Deposit Bonus

XM offers the following deposit bonuses.
50% deposit bonus up to 500USD or currency equivalent.
20% deposit bonus up to 4,500USD or currency equivalent.

50% deposit bonus is awarded up to a deposit of 500USD, and after that 20% deposit bonus is awarded up to 4,500USD (for deposits over 500USD). This bonus also can be used as margin, but cannot be withdrawn.

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In above comparison, each bonus must be attractive for clients. For example, “Maximum deposit bonus of 4,000USD” of FXGT or “Maximum deposit bonus of 3,000USD” of Land-FX seems to be great bonus.

But XM’s bonus promotions are relatively blarger. Maximum deposit bonus is 5,000USD (50% deposit bonus up to 500USD and 20% deposit bonus up to 4,500USD).

Also, only XM offers unique “Account Opening Bonus” of 30USD. The only requirement of the Account Opening Bonus is to open an account with XM. In other words, there is no requirement of deposit for this bonus.
The Account Opening Bonus is one of special features of XM. Other big forex brokers do NOT offer this kind of bonus (except for small unreliable brokers which is out of scope of our review). The bonus might be great benefit if the customer does not have experience in forex trading. Beginner traders can start trading by this opening bonus in XM. After that, depending on skill improvement, traders can utilize XM service for long years.

Our conclusion is follows.

Question: Which forex broker offers the most valuable bonus?
Answer: Best forex broker who offers the most valuable bonus is “XM”.

About this topic, we recommend XM for one of your brokers. In case you want to open account in XM, please follow button below.

Also please refer to our review about XM below.