Which forex broker offers the most valuable educational material?


Educational tools are one of critical aspects when a trader choose forex broker, especially for beginner traders.
Through our review of reliable forex brokers, I will pick one big broker, XM, as the best broker who offers the most valuable educational material.

XM offers verity of research and educational tools as follows.

Research Markets Overview, News, XM Research, Trade Ideas, Technical Summaries, Economic Calendar, XM TV, Podcast
Education XM Live, Live Education, Educational Videos, Forex Webinars, Platform Tutorials, Forex Seminars

In 2020, XM obtained awards in World Finance’s 2020 Forex Awards.
Yahoo! news mentioned as below.

One of the factors that led to XM.com picking up two World Finance Forex Awards was the importance that the firm places upon education. XM.com’s Learning Center contains live webinars, Q&A sessions, trading session analysis and much more. XM.com’s corporate social responsibility initiatives also factored highly in the judges’ decision making, with the firm regularly contributing to medical, environmental and social causes.
Yahoo! News

Educational tools of XM

Service menus of XM research and education is as follows.

The most impressive content is “XM Live” in the “Forex Webinars” menu below.

XM Group Forex Webinars
19 Languages, 7 Days a Week, 49 Webinar Instructors

Languages Day Time Experts
English Mon-Fri 05:00 – 15:00 GMT Avramis Despotis, Dzhuneyt Vahid, Nenad Kerkez, Marcin Nowogorksi, Giancarlo Prisco, Adam Rak, Gil Paz, Andrzej Zieniuk, Dariusz Dargo, Stanislav Kolev, Frank Sohlleder
English Mon-Fri 11:00 SGT Desmond Leong, Ella Lan, Isaac Lim, Laura Tan, Li Xing
Arabic Sun-Thurs 19:00 & 20:15 KSA Habib Akiki, Mohamed Ragaa
Bengali Mon/Tues 21:00 BST Sanjoy Sarker
Filipino Tues/Thurs 19:00 & 20:00 PHT Jonathan Lou Reyes
Fri & Sun 20:00 & 19:00 PHT Richard Caringal
French Mon/Wed/Fri 20:00 CEST Nizar Chaibi
German Tuesdays 20:00 CEST Gil Paz
Mon & Wed 18:00 CEST Markus Gabel
Thursdays 18:00 CEST Markus Gabel and Gil Paz
Thursdays 20:00 CEST Gil Paz
Fridays 19:00 CEST Frank Sohlleder
Greek Tues/Thurs 18:00 EEST Avramis Despotis, Philippos Kleidaras
Hungarian Mon-Thurs 17:00 CEST Attila Szoboszlai
Fridays 15:00 CEST
Indonesian Tues/Wed 20:30/15:00 WIB David Tjan
Tues/Thurs 14:00 WIB Sutjiharto
Mon/Fri 20:30 WIB Jonatan Sara
Italian Mon/Tues/Thurs/Fri 20:00/19:00/16:00/10:30 CEST Lorenzo Sentino
Fri & Sat 20:00 & 10:00 CEST Enrico Gei
Malay Mon/Tues/Thurs/Fri&Sat 20:00 & 10:00 MYT Mohd Helmi Izani
Mon/Tues/Thurs & Fri/Sat 14:00/21:00 & 15:00/14:00 MYT Zulle Razak
Polish Mon/Tues 20:00 CEST Nowacki, Jóźwiak, Dargo
Portuguese Mon-Fri 18:00 & 19:15 GMT Jaqueline Nogueira
19:00 & 20:15 GMT -3 Danilo Monteiro
Russian Thursdays 20:00 MSK Yaroslav Mudryi
Spanish Mon-Fri 18:00 & 19:15 CEST Jarek Duque
Mon 20:15 CEST Rubén López & Óscar Status
Wednesdays 20:15 CEST Giancarlo Prisco
Mon/Tues/Thurs 18:00 COT Facundo Molina
Mon-Fri 19:00 & 20:15 COT Felipe Erazo
Thai Mon, Thurs, Sun 20:00 ICT Sompop Jittrakul
Wednesdays 20:30 ICT Atiwat Chantasing
Tues & Fri 20:00 ICT Kriengkrai Jermpatjanya
Urdu Mon-Fri 15:00 & 21:30 PKT Sajid Khan Ghori
Sun 20:00 PKT
Vietnamese Mon/Fri & Sun 20:00 & 10:00 ICT Lu Huu Duy
Mon/Fri & Tues/Thurs 15:00 & 20:00 ICT Nguyen Ton Thai Hoang

If you enter “XM Live”, you can access three channels, “XM live room”, “Basic room”, and “Advanced room”.

The content is really “Live” (Not recorded), so XM user can access real time market analysis based on real time market condition. You will feel as if you are trading together with the XM expert staffs.

Our conclusion is follows.

Question: Which forex broker offers the most valuable educational material?
Answer: Best forex broker who offers the most valuable educational material is “XM”.

About this topic, we recommend XM for one of your brokers. In case you open account in XM, please follow button below.

Also please refer to our review about XM below.