Trade Idea (2020-12-23) EURUSD sold by position adjustment

Trade Idea

Good morning.

The US stock market yesterday was generally weak. The Dow Jones Industrial Average is -0.67%, the S & P 500 is -0.21%, and the Nasdaq Composite is + 0.51%. As for additional economic measures, the speed was passed by both the House and Senate before Christmas, and the material was exhausted. Against the backdrop of the spread of virus variants in the UK and the difficulty of trade negotiations between the UK and the EU, the price was reduced.

EURUSD temporarily rose to 1.225 in the European market, then sold rapidly in the US market by position adjustment, ending in 1.216 units in the form of coming up. GBPUSD, which is at the end of trade negotiations with the EU, temporarily fell to 1.331 and ended at 1.335.

The long-term interest rate is 0.921% and the VIX index is 24 zone, which is almost unchanged.
Bitcoin is firm and remains at 23,650.

EURUSD H1 (Please click the chart to enlarge.)

Market Environment

Yesterday’s currency strength

US market yesterday (last Friday)

DJI: 30,015.51 (-200.94, -0.67%)
S&P500: 3,687.26 (-7.66, -0.21%)
Nasdaq Composite: 12,807.92 (+65.40, +0.51%)
Nasdaq100: 12,717.56 (+27.31, +0.22%)
Russel2000: 1,989.88 (+19.55, +0.99%)
Gold Future.1: 1,870.30 (UNCH)
Oil Future.1: 47.02 (UNCH)
US10Y: 0.921% (UNCH)
VIX: 24.23 (-0.93)
Bitcoin: 23,650.00 (+917)

Asian market today

Nikkei: 26,503 (-66)
CME Dow future: 29,793~(-222 Dow)

Economic indicators in this week

13:30 (US) New Jobless Claim